E-Collar Updated on: April 9th, 2019

A training collar used on dogs that deliver stimulation that correct unwanted behaviors and help communicate to your dog in a more effective manner what is expected of them. The modern e-collar is similar to the TENS unit used in physical therapy and does not harm a dog.

why we feed

Modern e-collars often have levels of about 1-100, making it ideal for most dogs. This way you can find what level works for your dog, and it can be extremely gentle.

how to feed

The e-collar should fit tight, and the contact points should be on the side of the neck. It should sit higher on the neck, not as high as the prong, but a bit below. Incorrect e-collar fitting, fitting too loose and the contact points don’t touch, renders it useless.

Additional info

Always contact a trainer if you are unsure how to use an e-collar. Make sure to rotate the collar so your dog doesn't get pressure sores.