Choke Chain Updated on: April 9th, 2019

a chain made by passing one end of the chain through a loop. It tightens to create pressure on the dog's windpipe, which acts as a correction for unwanted behavior.

why we feed

it was used in the "jerk and praise" training era, and provides a moment of discomfort to correct unwated behaviors.

how to feed

One end of the choke chain is looped through one end ring, and when the choke chain is put on the dog, it should form a “P.” The ring where you clip the leash should be at the top of the dog’s neck, sitting behind the dog’s ears. The choke chain should be relaxed on the dog’s neck, and your leash should be slack. When the dog pulls or acts up, the handler pulls or jerks the leash to correct the dog, and the choke will tighten. After the correction, allow slack back onto the leash. If the leash is not slack, you won’t be able to correct the dog again

Additional info

make sure the chain forms a "P" shape to correctly put it on the dog's neck, this way it will loosen after you apply pressure, instead of staying tight.