By-Product Updated on: March 27th, 2019

parts of an animal that remain after meat is removed that are not fit for human consumption. By-products are commonly found in inferior kibble, EVEN in prescription diets that are prescribed by Veterinarians

why we feed

Inferior kibble manufacturers will often use by-products in their food as the main meat source (ex. Hill's Science Diet) because it is cheap and convenient. It is difficult to store raw ingredients in a pet food manufacturing facility so many pet food plants use rendered byproducts in meal form.

how to feed

During the meat-cutting process, certain carcasses/parts are rejected for human consumption (nails, feathers, hide, intestinal contents are some common by-products) and allowed to be processed into animal feed.

Additional info

By-products from animals that have died is allowed to be added into pet food as long as there are no chemical additives and are heat-treated & processed.