Yelloweye Rockfish Updated on: March 27th, 2019

Yelloweye Rockfish feed on other smaller fish and can live to be older than one hundred years old. They are slow maturing, and generally reach maturity at 10-20 years, so they can be easily overfished.

why we feed

Instead of purchasing an omega 3 supplement, you can incorporate it into your dog’s diet by adding rockfish! They have a lot of bioavailable omega 3 fatty acids, although not as much as salmon. This helps with brain health and inflammation

how to feed

This can be incorporated as your dog’s 80% muscle meat, or you can just feed fish once a week as a meal replacer. The Real Dog Box rockfish treats can be used for training or a topper as well.

Additional info

Fun fact - they are called rockfish because they hide from their enemies in between rocks.