Turkey Gizzards Updated on: March 21st, 2019

part of the stomach that poultry have and use to grind down their food, also known as the ventrilicus.

why we feed

The gizzards have vitamins in them, which help skin health, circulation, energy production, and forming red blood cells. They also have minerals (zinc, iron, phosphorus) that help with healing wounds and keeping the body immune from disease.

how to feed

Only poultry have gizzards, and in order to grind their food down, poultry will often swallow rocks (grit). Don’t worry, the grit is removed before the gizzards are sold. Crocodiles also have gizzards!

Additional info

Gizzards can be added into your dog’s raw diet as 80% of muscle meat. They can be used as training treats or sprinkled as a meal topper! Fed whole, they are a good size for smaller to medium dogs.