Turkey Breast Updated on: March 27th, 2019

The breast is located on the chest and is often used as an alternative to chicken. Turkey breast is commonly consumed by humans, but raw turkey is super nutritious and lean for pups to enjoy too.

why we feed

Turkey breast is high in protein and lower in fat than other poultry. It has a lot of zinc, iron, and phosphorous, which is helpful for circulation and bone health. Turkey also has B6 vitamins (eye health and detoxification) and niacin (lower cholesterol and brain health).

how to feed

Turkey breast is a great treat for dogs who are chubby or just need a bit extra help maintaining their weight. It can be used as a routine snack or training treats. They can also be included in your dog’s raw diet as 80% muscle meat.

Additional info

In TCM (traditional chinese medicine), turkey is classified as a neutral protein. Therefore dogs suffering with allergies and can't tolerate 'hot' proteins such as lamb or venison can usually tolerate turkey