Starch Updated on: March 13th, 2019

a carbohydrate consisting of a large number of glucose units. starch, or carbohydrate, is an important part of the extrusion process when making kibble. most dry dog foods contain at least 30% starch. the average starch content is 40% and some dry foods can contain up to 60% starch

why we feed

all kibble is made with starch. without starch, kibble would not be able to form its dense, compact shape. starch is not only used as a binder in kibble but also as a cheap filler to avoid high costs from using meat.

how to feed

starchy carbohydrates such as rice, corn and potatoes are commonly used as the main binder and filler in kibble. without starch, there is no way for the kibble to form its pellet shape

Additional info

starch can cause inflammation, digestive issues and trigger allergies/intolerances. starch is broken down into sugar which is toxic to dogs