Soluble Fiber Updated on: July 26th, 2019

Soluble fiber attracts water, turning itself into a gel during digestion which slows digestion. Examples of soluble fiber include oats, chia seeds, beans, pears, psyllium, inulin and more!

why we feed

Soluble fiber helps diarrhea (pulls excess water out of stool, adds bulk), helps constipation (gel-like texture eases passage, improves gut motility, and holds water in stool).

how to feed

Since there are many whole food sources of soluble fiber, feeding will depend on the food. Soluble fiber also comes in supplement form. Make sure to monitor stool and adjust dosing accordingly.

Additional info

Most prebiotics are a form of soluble fiber. But not all fiber is a prebiotic! Insoluble fiber is not a prebiotic. Soluble fiber is commonly used as a laxative and is also found in many pet foods (as inulin or chicory root).