Retractable Leash Updated on: April 9th, 2019

A leash that extends from a spring-loaded device, housed inside a plastic handle. The leash is usually made of cord and very thin.

why we feed

We don't and we shouldn't. They are very dangerous. Most people do not keep an eye on their dogs and let the leash extend to the max. The dogs have too much room, and can approach other dogs that are reactive. Some people forget to use the lock and instead try to put their hands on the cord, causing injuries.

how to feed

If you want to use a retractable leash, please only use them on well-behaved dogs who are properly socialized. Even if your dog is properly socialized, please do NOT let them approach other dogs because you do not know if the other dog is friendly.

Additional info

Retractable leashes are banned in some cities and even countries for the injuries they have caused.