Recreational Bones Updated on: March 12th, 2019

recreational bones are weight bearing bones that are meant more for activity and dental cleaning than part of a meal.

why we feed

Recreational bones being weight bearing are not meant to be consumed. Beef marrow bones are popular and are considered recreational and weight bearing - although the meat is edible and beneficial, the bone itself is not meant to be chewed up and swallowed. Recreational bones are great to keep dogs busy, great for enrichment but not meant to be served as food like edible and raw meaty bones are.

how to feed

When feeding recreational bones, it is important that the bones are at least 2x the size of the dog's mouth so there is less risk of choking. Recreational bones are not always recommended, but they can be safe and great exercise for the jaw, neck and spine as long as the right ones are chosen for the type of dog.

Additional info

There are 2 types of recreational bones - long bones and flat bones. Both provide the same benefits (teeth cleaning, enrichment, exercise) but one might be a better fit for your dog. Long bones are mostly the legs and wings of animals with centers filled with marrow. Flat bones are mostly spine, ribs, shoulder and pelvis and are softer than long bones but do not contain as much marrow.