Prong Collar Updated on: April 9th, 2019

a training tool made up of links that have prongs at the end, similar to a choke chain. The prong ends are should be shaved down.

why we feed

The prong collar applies an even amount of pressure to the dog's neck, making it much more effective than a regular flat collar, which applies pressure only to one part of the neck.

how to feed

The correct placement of the prong sits high on the dog’s neck, right behind the ears. The clip for the leash is on the middle and top of the neck, behind ears. It is to be fitted tightly, so that it doesn’t rub against the dog’s neck and create uneven pressure

Additional info

Always make sure to purchase a prong with shaved down tips, these will not hurt the dog (prongs are NOT meant to hurt dogs)! Make sure your prong collar fits tight, not loose like a necklace because this can make it harmful and ineffective!