Pork Loin Updated on: March 27th, 2019

the loin is located near the shoulder and the back legs of the pig, it is very tender and lean so it makes a great protein to feed as muscle meat or as snacks!

why we feed

Not only is pork loin incredibly tender and lean, but it is also really high in protein. Pork is considered a neutral protein, so for dogs who tend to react to "hot" proteins, pork is a great alternative. Pork is also not as mass produced as beef, chicken and turkey are so its great for dogs with allergies!

how to feed

Because the loin is so tender and lean, it’s a great training treat for growing pups, for dogs on a diet, or for any dog at all! Raw feeders can feed the loin as part of the 80% muscle meat ratio, or just cut it up to add some fresh chunks to kibble!

Additional info

Most people tend to shy away from pork in general as everybody assumes its all "fatty" when in reality most cuts of pork are lean! Pork is also classified as a red meat and NOT a white meat because it contains more myoglobin than chicken or fish