Pork Liver Updated on: September 21st, 2018

Similar to beef and lamb liver, but a more hypoallergenic option, lamb liver helps detoxify the body, secrete bile, helps digestion, and makes proteins.

why we feed

Liver is densely packed with proteins, way more than any meat or bone is, so it is necessary as a bioavailable source for your dog to get his or her nutrients.

how to feed

Most dogs love organ meats, but if yours is picky, you can make organ cubes, which consists of ground up organ mixed with ground up meat, goat’s milk, kefir, veggie blend, or bone broth. Real Dog Box liver treats can also be used as training treats to help your dog get it’s 5% liver requirement.

Additional info

Some raw feeders don’t like feeding pork because it is a “dirty” protein (pigs eat anything and everything). However, Real Dog Box sources clean and healthy pork, so no worries there!