Pollock Updated on: September 21st, 2018

Pollock is a whitefish that is included in many cuisines worldwide. They usually live in the northern oceans and are divided into two species: Alaskan pollock or walleye pollock. They are an alternative to cod, salmon, and haddock

why we feed

Fish is a great source of omega 3s, and it is lean, so great for dogs looking to maintain their weight. Pollock also has selenium, vitamin B12, and phosphorous!

how to feed

You can include fish as 80% of your dog’s muscle meat in their raw meal every day, or feed one whole meal a week as just fish! To encourage your dog to eat fish (instead of rolling on it) break it up into small pieces and incorporate into their meal, or tire them out with a play session or long hike, and give it as a reward. You can also “play” with the fish treat, and once your dog gets its mouth on it, they’ll realize how tasty it is, and eat it!

Additional info

If you compare our salmon skin treats to our pollock treats, you can tell that the salmon skin treats have more omega 3 oils and that the pollock does not have as much. Pollock is also used to make imitation crab