Martingale Collar Updated on: April 9th, 2019

Like a regular collar, but has two loops, the first goes over the dog's head, the second is attached to the leash. This way when the dog pulls, you can correct it by applying pressure.

why we feed

martingale collars are a great option for dogs that are good at getting out of their collars.

how to feed

about ⅓ of the collar is a loop that tightens with tension. There is a D ring attached to the loop, which is where you would attach the leash. When the dog pulls, or when the handler pulls on the leash to apply a correction, the martingale tightens and applies pressure on the dog’s neck. The martingale works similar to a choke chain, however, is probably not a good option for a stronger dog or a dog that is used to tough corrections

Additional info

Make sure to fit it correctly and make sure it's not too loose on your dog.