Lamb Lung Updated on: March 30th, 2019

lungs are a vital organ in all mammals (and some other animals too!). The lungs allow air to pass through and remove carbon dioxide (which can be toxic) from the blood. They are connected to the trachea and are usually located in the chest area.

why we feed

Lamb lungs are great because they tend to be an inexpensive, incredibly meaty protein to feed your dog!

how to feed

Although the lung is an organ, it is not a secreting organ or liver, so it is fed as a muscle meat (80% of your dog’s raw diet). It can be chopped up and included into your dog’s every day diet. Our lamb lung treats make high value training treats that dog’s love!

Additional info

Unlike other organs, you can’t live without lungs, however, people have been known to survive with just one lung!