Kefir Updated on: March 21st, 2019

a dairy product that is fermented with kefir grains (type of yeast and bacteria culture). In present day, it is made by inoculating the animal with kefir grains, however in the past, it was mixed in a animal-skin bag and hung by a doorway, so whenever anyone walked by, they would knock the bag and keep the grains and milk mixed.

why we feed

because kefir is a dairy product, it is high in protein and calcium, however because it is fermented with kefir grains, it also has a ton of probiotics for gut and digestive health. Kefir also contains biotin (a b-vitamin!) for skin health and making energy.

how to feed

Similar to goat’s milk in texture, kefir can be frozen or made into a mixture with turmeric or spirulina powder and frozen. You can add it to your dog’s diet, feed as a frozen treat, or make a “pupsicle.” It is a great way to rehydrate treats as well!

Additional info

Kefir is eaten by humans as well, and originally used in the Caucasian Mountains. It can also be used to make sourdough bread (yum!)