Intolerance Updated on: March 13th, 2019

an intolerance occurs when a dog has difficulty digesting or processing a particular food. when a dog has a food intolerance, you may notice that they are able to eat small amounts of the food without having an immediate reaction. you may also be able to prevent a reaction

why we feed

intolerances frequently happen when a dog is sensitive to a certain food. Most of the time foods that contain grain, gluten, carbs, sugars, etc will cause an intolerance because their body is not meant to digest the food

how to feed

when dogs eat foods filled with corn, wheat, soy, gluten and grain they tend to have a reaction in their digestive system (this we call a food intolerance). food intolerances are far more common than food allergies and can result in a reaction that takes place over a longer period of time

Additional info

intolerances are different than allergies as allergies trigger the immune system and intolerance is mostly limited to the digestive tract.