Honey Updated on: March 27th, 2019

raw honey is a staple diet of bees and enjoyed by many other mammals as well. raw honey actually has quite a few benefits although does not belong in a dog's diet every day.

why we feed

Honey is great for environmental allergies! It contains bits of bee pollen and as your dog ingests it, helps them slowly get used to the pollens in the air. It is also an antibacterial and can be used as a topical solution for minor wounds or itchiness.

how to feed

Most dogs love the taste of honey since it’s naturally sweet, but don't overdo it! Honey still has sugar, so its important to realize that feeding honey for its benefits is great but only small amounts and not daily. If you are wanting to try honey with your dog for the first time, you can just add it on top of a treat or their regular raw diet.

Additional info

Make sure it is raw local honey, or even Manuka Honey. Local honey/Manuka Honey will contain the pollen of the area you are in, since bees don’t travel far from their hive and will have the most beneficial properties