Green Tripe Updated on: September 21st, 2018

The smelly lining of the stomach of ruminants (elk, cattle, sheep).

why we feed

The lining of the stomach is full of digestive enzymes and probiotics (beneficial bacteria) that help the ruminant break down its food. These same enzymes and probiotics are helpful for your dog. Green tripe is loaded with bioavailable Lactobacillus Acidophilus (which is usually added onto cooked foods or kibble, and is not as digestible because it is usually processed) and aids with balancing your dog’s gut flora.

how to feed

Green tripe can be added into your dog’s diet as 80% muscle meat, or as a supplementation! Real Dog Box green tripe is crumbly, so easily to sprinkle over food as a topper.

Additional info

Green tripe is incredibly smelly, so just be aware of that. Although it is tempting to cook the green tripe because this makes it less smelly, do not do that! Cooking will kill all the probiotics and digestive enzymes, and take away any benefits to your dog’s diet. In Vietnamese and Mexican cuisine, tripe is often enjoyed as a meal or part of a dish (think pho!).