Extrusion Updated on: March 11th, 2019

in terms of making kibble: the process of cooking ingredients at extremely high temperatures such as 400 degrees, and pushing the final solid product out through molds to make small, uniform pellets.

why we feed

Extrusion has been used for over 50 years and 95% of kibble companies use this process to cook their product to create quick, cheap and convenient food for dogs. However, there is absolutely no nutritional value to extruding kibble.

how to feed

Extruding kibble means cooking the kibble at extremely high temperatures such as 400 degrees. When kibble is extruded, protein denaturation and vitamin loss occurs, causing that kibble to become "dead" (no nutritional value).

Additional info

As there is no way to "reverse" extruded kibble, there is always the option to add fresh food to your pet's diet. Adding water, kefir, bone broth, or goat milk will rehydrate kibble that lost all of its moisture during the extrusion process!