Edible Bones Updated on: March 12th, 2019

edible bones are hollow, non weight-bearing bones that are soft, pliable, and don't contain marrow which are commonly fed in the average raw feeders bowl for bone content

why we feed

edible bones are the safest to feed of all bones. They provide calcium, phosporus, enrichment, they scrape off plaque and tartar while strengthening the neck, jaw and spine. Edible bones such as necks, wings, ribs, feet, back and even tails make great additions to any diet because they provide essential nutrients that kibble lacks.

how to feed

feed edible bones as a treat, recreationally or part of a meal - just be sure you balance your bone ratio!

Additional info

Make sure the edible bones you feed are raw bones and not cooked bones. Cooked bones will splinter whereas raw bones will be easier to digest!