Duck Wing Updated on: September 21st, 2018

The wings of the duck are appendages that help them fly and are covered in feathers.

why we feed

Duck is higher in iron and the bones provide many trace minerals that dogs need in their diets! The skin on the wing also includes omegas, which are helpful in skin health and fighting inflammation. Duck is a great alternative protein for dogs with allergies to chicken!

how to feed

Duck wings can be feed whole to dogs (just make sure they chew!) as 10% of their raw diet, or as a separate chew during your work hours, or crate time.

Additional info

Duck is a cooling protein in TCM, so dogs with inflammation, redness, or allergies can eat duck to substitute in for chicken. Duck neck is great because it is a poultry, it is a much easier and pliable than other proteins, and are a great way to introduce puppies (or any dog new to raw) to raw bones!