Duck Neck Updated on: March 27th, 2019

Duck neck is the part of the body that supports the head. It contains vertebrae and is the start of the spinal cord. Duck necks are usually in between sizes of chicken neck and turkey neck and make for great chews

why we feed

Duck is higher in iron than turkey is, and makes a great healthy treat or chew. They are a great source of selenium and b-vitamins, which is great for skin health! Dogs that have allergies to chicken don't often have the same allergy to duck, which makes the duck neck a great alternative!

how to feed

Duck necks can be included in your dog’s raw diet as the 10% bone. You can give bone for a few days a week and balance over time, or include a small portion in your dog’s every day meals.

Additional info

Duck is a cooling protein in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), so dogs with inflammation, redness, or allergies can eat duck to substitute in for chicken. Duck neck is great because it is a poultry, it is a much easier and pliable than other proteins, and are a great way to introduce puppies (or any dog new to raw) to raw bones!