Duck Feet Updated on: March 27th, 2019

Duck feet are very similar to chicken feet, however most duck feet tend to be a bit larger than chicken feet! They are surrounded by cartilage, and unlike chicken feet, are webbed to help ducks get around in water. Duck feet make great snacks, chews and are a great addition into any diet

why we feed

Similar to chicken feet, duck feet has calcium, phosphorous, omegas, collagen, and glucosamine! They are super chewy because they are mostly bone and cartilage, so the added crunch helps clean your dog’s teeth as well as pack a nutrient punch!

how to feed

Duck feet can be included as the 10% bone requirement in your dog’s raw diet. You can include bone as 10% in their every day meal, or you can feed bone a few times a week, so your dog’s diet balances over time. Or you can choose to make it a fun “pupsicle” and stick it in some frozen bone broth or greek yogurt which will also help them last longer!

Additional info

Duck feet are considered a by-product, but not an unhealthy by-product like those used in most kibble pet foods. Generally, the nails on the feet are safe to feed, although some places sell the feet without the nails