Coconut Oil Updated on: March 30th, 2019

Coconut oil is oil that is extracted from coconut meat and used for all different purposes. Coconut oil is considered a healthy fat (for dogs and for humans) and will give your pup energy. It is also one of the most recommended oils to add into the diet for skin and coat health, or if your dog has a wound (not open), coconut oil is commonly applied to help heal!

why we feed

Coconut oil contains lauric acid which can kill bacteria and is anti-fungal. Coconut oil also contains healthy saturated fats, which are shorter, making it easier to digest and for the body to use. These fats can also be beneficial for brain health.

how to feed

Coconut oil can be spooned directly onto your dog’s food, or it can be mixed in with grinds and frozen as a fun treat! You can also apply it directly to your dog’s skin as a skin remedy. Be sure to add the oil into the diet slowly, you don't want to shock your dog's system all at once and have them react negative towards it!

Additional info

Coconut oil is sold in many places, but it is crucial when choosing a brand for your dog to make sure that the oil is coldpressed. This means that the oil did not undergo any heat processing, which allows it to retain more bioavailable nutrients. Coconut oil can be found at just about every grocery store, make sure none have added sugar!