Chicken Liver Updated on: March 27th, 2019

The liver is an incredibly important organ in poultry as well. The liver helps detoxify the body, helps with digestion, produces proteins, and secretes bile.

why we feed

Although liver is densely packed with nutrients, because it can only make up 5% of your dog’s raw diet, something else must be supplemented in to complete your dog’s diet. That’s where other secreting organs, such as spleen, come in. Spleen is packed with nutrients, moreso than meat and bone. Your dog’s raw diet needs 5% other secreting organs to balance it out.

how to feed

Most dogs love liver! However, if your dog is picky, you can do a few things to introduce liver into their diet! If the dog is new to a raw diet, mixing small amounts in to avoid diarrhea is recommended. You can also make “organ cubes” for your dog, which usually is ground up liver mixed in with goat’s milk or bone broth, and frozen! These cubes can be fed one with every meal for picky dogs. Liver should only make up about 5% of your dog’s raw diet.

Additional info

Chicken liver is incredibly inexpensive, but if your dog has an allergy, according to TCM, chicken is a “hot” protein, so try duck liver (cooling!).