Chicken Heart Updated on: March 30th, 2019

the muscular organ that pumps blood to the rest of the body. The heart is crucial in keeping circulation going, and without it, the animal would not be able to survive.

why we feed

The heart is a great addition to your dog’s diet because it is denser than other muscles in nutrients and usually more caloric as well. Chicken hearts have tons of amino acids and are also high in iron (helps with circulation!!) and zinc.

how to feed

They can be included in your dog’s raw diet as 80% muscle meat. They are a great size, so no need to cut them up! Even if your dog is fed kibble, adding heart into the diet as treats or a topper helps give your pup the taurine that they may not be absorbing best through grain free foods. The Real Dog Box chicken hearts come in small bits, so they are great for training or a as a meal topper.

Additional info

Although the heart is a muscle and an organ, strictly for the purposes of raw-feeding dogs, it is considered solely a muscle. Although higher than other muscles in nutrients, it is not as much as liver or spleen. Do not use heart to replace liver, spleen, kidney, or etc. because this could cause a deficiency in your dog’s diet.