Chicken Feet Updated on: March 27th, 2019

Chicken feet are bony, and surrounded by cartilage and skin. These are awesome to feed as a snack or to include in your pup's daily meals! They not only are super convenient because you can find them at almost every asian market, but they also pack a nutrient punch!

why we feed

Chicken feet is a great source of calcium because it is mostly bone, and it is also full of glucosamine and collagen, so it is great for skin and joint health. Feet, especially chicken, are cheap as well which makes it a favorite for raw feeders!

how to feed

You can use chicken feet to make “pupsicles” with bone broth or greek yogurt, or it can be simply included in your dog’s raw diet as his 10% bone content. Freezing them will help them last a bit longer too!

Additional info

Because the feet are covered in skin, the feet can be really high in fat. So when feeding chicken feet to your dog, make sure to keep an eye on his stool and make sure it isn’t loose. Since chicken feet are considered by-products by Americans (although it is used often in Asian cuisine), they are a very affordable source of bone. There is a common misconception that chicken bones are dangerous for dogs, however, as long as they are raw and minimally processed, they are much safer than cooked bones!