Beef Tendon Updated on: March 27th, 2019

beef tendons are made up of collagen and help attach muscles to bones. They are pliable, but not elastic and great for feeding as the muscle meat in a raw diet or as a fun chew!

why we feed

Because beef tendon is made up of collagen, which helps make up connective tissues, it can help or prevent joint issues, which is common in older dogs, large breed dogs, and very active dogs. It is also helpful in maintaining healthy, elastic skin, and strong but flexible bones.

They also are a great natural source of glucosamine, and are chewy, so they are longer lasting than your normal chews.

how to feed

Tendon can be included in your dog’s 80% muscle meat category. You can also use them to make “pupsicles” by freezing some bone broth (or goat’s milk), and sticking the tendon in as the “stick.” It’s a great, healthy treat that helps with skin and joints!

Additional info

Tendons are also used to make bone broth, which is a healthy treat for not only your dog, but you as well.