Beef Aorta Updated on: March 27th, 2019

The aorta is an artery that pumps blood to the rest of the body and helps with circulation. They make for an awesome addition into a raw diet or even fed as healthy chews to kibble fed dogs!

why we feed

Because the aorta is a part of the heart, which is a muscle, it is a great addition in your dog’s raw diet. Because it a part of the heart, the aorta includes lots of minerals, such as zinc and phosphorus, collagen, amino acids, elastin, and packs in more protein! Collagen and elastin help maintain healthy joints and skin, while amino acids help build muscle.

how to feed

Beef aorta can be included in your dog’s diet as a muscle meat, or used as a recreational chew! Because of the shape you can make a mixture of greek yogurt and liver chips, stuff, and freeze! This way, the chew lasts much longer and can be enjoyed on a warm day outside, or as a fun chew while Fido is in his crate!

Additional info

Although the aorta is part of the heart, and the heart is an organ AND a muscle meat, heart or aorta cannot be fed as part of your dog’s organ requirement because it does not have enough vitamins and minerals as say, liver or spleen.