Anchovy Updated on: September 21st, 2018

anchovies are small fish that are full of flavor. Because of their size, they often travel in schools (safety in numbers!) They are often preyed on by other larger fish.

why we feed

Including seafood in your dog’s raw diet is a great way to incorporate fish oils (omega 3s!) that are helpful with inflammation and joint issues. The oils in raw or air-dried fish are way more bioavailable than buying a jar of fish oil at your local store. Also, because anchovies are smaller fish that have shorter lifespans, the risk of mercury is much less.

how to feed

Most dogs LOVE fish because of that strong flavor! In fact a lot of them love to roll on them! You can include fish as 80% of your dog’s muscle meat in their raw meal every day, or feed one whole meal a week as just fish! To encourage your dog to eat fish (instead of rolling on it) break it up into small pieces and incorporate into their meal, or tire them out with a play session or long hike, and give it as a reward. You can also “play” with the fish treat, and once your dog gets its mouth on it, they’ll realize how tasty it is, and eat it!

Additional info

Anchovies are incredibly popular with humans as well! They are eaten on pizza or sold in a can at the store. The canned anchovies are not recommended for your dog because it is usually heavily salted.