Raw Meaty Bones Updated on: March 12th, 2019

raw meaty bones are generally edible bones covered in muscle meat and connective tissues. these are commonly fed in the average raw meal for bone content, but raw meaty bones can also be fed recreationally

why we feed

Raw Meaty Bones are essential to a dog's diet to provide the dog with calcium, phosphorus, healthy fats and other nutrients. Raw Meaty Bones are also the best and most natural way to clean and maintain dog's teeth and gums. Dogs are genetically designed to crack and chew up bones!

how to feed

By feeding dogs raw meaty bones, the meat on the bone acts as floss and the bone acts as a dental tool scraping off any plaque and tartar. Raw meaty bones can be fed by themselves, as a treat or in a meal as long as the diet is balanced. Too much bone can cause constipation or white, chalky stool. Too less of bone can cause runny stool.

Additional info

The calcium and phosphorus that a dog's diet requires come from the bone itself! The meat on the bones will provide vital nutrients as well and will incorporate fresh food in the diet if the dog is kibble fed.