Pig Skin Updated on: March 27th, 2019

The skin is a layer of tissue that protects the underlying organs, bones, and muscles from outside elements. Unlike many other mammals, pig skin is not covered with as much hair or fur.

why we feed

Pig skin is full of flavor and most dogs love them! They are also incredibly chewy because of the texture, so they last longer than your average chew. The meat “flosses” your dog’s teeth, removing anything caught inbetween and help keep those teeth pearly white!

how to feed

Like most other chews, pig skins can be frozen to make them longer lasting. They can also be fed as a meal replacer (in the 80% muscle meat category) or after a training session, long hike/walk, or a reward for going to the vet.

Additional info

Pork skin is also a favorite snack of humans! They are also known as chicharrones or pork rinds and are usually deep fried. Those are NOT good for dogs because of the way they are processed and the high sodium levels. Pork skin tends to have a lot of fat, however, Real Dog Box pork skins have the fat trimmed and removed!