Lamb Trachea Updated on: September 21st, 2018

the trachea is also known as the windpipe, and is a passageway for air through the body into the lungs. It is surrounded by cartilage.

why we feed

Trachea is surrounded by cartilage, which has a lot of glucosamine, which aids in joint health. Collagen from the cartilage also helps with skin health. The chewiness of the trachea makes it a great dental chew that is single ingredient and all protein.

how to feed

Because of the hollow shape of the trachea, it is a great chew to stuff! You can stuff it with grinds or a greek yogurt mixture with meat treats, and freeze! It’s a great hot weather chew, or a chew after a training session or long hike.

Additional info

In TCM, lamb is considered a “hot” protein, so dogs with inflammations or itchiness should avoid lamb and go for a cooling or neutral meat, such as duck or turkey.