Elk Updated on: March 27th, 2019

The elk is a large type of deer that has large antlers and usually lives in the forest or grassy areas. They are ruminants and have four chambers in their stomachs, similar to cattle. Although elk is similar to deer and venison, it is not actually deer or vension, rather just part of the deer family!

why we feed

Elk is extremely lean and also considered a "novel" protein, which makes it great to feed to dogs who suffer from allergies/intolerances from proteins such as chicken/beef/turkey. Elk tends to be a bit higher in price since most are not sourced in the US, rather sourced from out of the country in New Zealand. Although Elk is higher in price, it's an awesome protein to feed and is a beautiful, rich cut of meat packed with nutrients!

how to feed

Elk is a great protein to include in your dog’s raw diet, as long as you can find some! At Real Dog Box, the elk is a great high value training treat, especially for picky dogs or dogs that need a high value treat when in stressful situations, such as a vet visit. The treats can be broken into smaller pieces to use for training, or sprinkled over food. Elk is easy to rehydrate as well - pop it in some hot water for 10 minutes to soften it up!

Additional info

Elk are big, but not quite as big as moose. Elk is also eaten by people, so it tends to be a pricier protein. We highly encourage incorporating some whenever you can into your dog’s raw diet, because at Real Dog Box, we believe in a rotational diet. By rotating proteins, you keep your dogs from developing allergies and from becoming bored!