Beef Backstrap Updated on: March 27th, 2019

Beef backstrap is a tendon that runs along the spinal cord of cattle. When air dried, the backstrap makes for a tough chew that provides mental stimulation and releases endorphins. When in its raw form, it still makes for a great chew but also a great addition into a raw diet!

why we feed

Beef backstrap is full of collagen, glucosamine, and cartilage. Not only is it great for skin and joints, it makes for a great chew. The chewiness of the meat acts as “floss,” helping your dog keep his teeth clean and shiny.

how to feed

Beef backstrap can be included as part of your dog’s muscle percentage. It is a lean, digestible meat, and is less likely to cause diarrhea. It can also be given as a separate chew, for dental health and mental stimulation.

Additional info

Muscle meat should only make up 80% of your dog’s raw diet.